Spartan WOD

This workout almost didn’t happen. I hadn’t worked out or even thought about working out in about a week. My motivation just wasn’t there.  I had to kind of psych myself out. I do that sometimes; just go through the motions without letting myself think too much so I don’t talk myself out of it or make up excuses.

So, I took baby steps. I put on my shoes. Then my favorite pair of sweatpants and a comfy shirt. Still tried to muster up some motivation. Next I found my favorite sports bra; even though it meant pulling it out of my dirty clothes, gross I know, but I LOVE that particular one. I turned on my favorite tunes and there it was! I had mustered up enough motivation to get my butt in my cold garage and start my workout.

Did I mention I workout in my garage? Yeah, when it’s hot it’s HOT and when it’s cold it’s COLD. If any of you have ever grabbed a hold of a bar when it’s about 30 degrees you know that your hands turn to ice. Anyway, I digress…

After a short mobility style warm-up I was ready to face this workout and own it! It was brutal though! I scaled down a couple portions to suite my ability level and still owned it! You have to start somewhere!

I used to have an all or nothing kind of mindset, which can be very limiting. I wanted everything to be perfect. I thought I couldn’t commit to something unless I could do it perfectly, or at the perfect time, etc. I had so many excuses. I know it was just a fear of failure, but you need failure to grow and learn, but that’s a whole other rant. 😉 I still get that type of thought pattern sneaking in every now and then, but I know that will never lead to learning and growth. So, I scaled it so I could complete most of the workout instead of none.

I wanted to stop SO many times, especially when I almost scraped my shins on the box just after almost face planting into it a minute earlier. I could have stopped and said screw it, but I didn’t. Stopping wouldn’t move me closer to my goals. How would I have felt if I had stopped? Would I have beat myself up? Would I have been able to let it go? Probably the former of the two. Neither matters though because I didn’t stop. I kept pushing! I used positive self-talk. I told myself I could. I told myself just one more box jump; just three more rounds and so on. I told myself. I can do anything I set my mind to. Even though my mind and my legs were telling me to stop I kept going. You just have to keep focused on your WHY. Why are you working out, training, or lifting? Whatever it is that keeps you active, why do you do it? Maybe you’re training for something specific, maybe you want to change your physique, or my favorite –Life!

Whatever your reason is continue to visualize it. Say it aloud. Own it!

Here’s the workout I did which was pulled from the Spartan website:

Main set:

  • 1 round ladder pull-ups (descending): 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

Between set of pull ups:

Cool Down: Stretch

You can scale it to your own level of conditioning by starting pull-ups with 5 or 3 then going down from there, or 12 box jumps instead of 25. (25 was brutal). Use a resistance band or simple step-up onto a bench or other stable surface in place of box jumps. There are endless videos and tutorials online. I like and often seek YouTube for clarification or modifications for exercises.


I used a resistance band for assisted pull-ups and instead of running I walked on an incline for 2 miles. I was exhausted!

Happy workout everyone!


Spartan Training begins again

Back in October I was supposed to do a Spartan Super in Atlanta. (For those of you that don’t know what a Spartan Race is; it’s one of those extreme obstacle races. You know, one of those races you see pictures of people all muddy and jumping over fire and climbing walls and crawling under barbed wire and stuff.) Anyway, I didn’t end up doing it because of work and just generally being unmotivated and scared. I had done a Spartan Sprint (which is a shorter distance) with a team of great people who encouraged and pushed me to keep going. It was a great experience! Afterward I was super excited, determined, confident, and motivated. The energy before, during, and after the race was infectious! Needless to say I wanted to do another! Well, long story short, it didn’t happen.

Months passed and it lingered in the back of my mind. Money wasted. All the training and work I had put into preparing for the race was gone. I loved the feeling of being strong and committed to something. You kind of end up craving it.

Well, the other night I thought about it again and decided it was time to do something about it rather than it eating at the back of my mind. Ends up there is a race near me in September! (Luckily I could put the money from the previous race into a new one.) I decided to go for it!

Let the Spartan training begin! Who’s in?

I started my training yesterday and I already got blisters and a cut on my pinkie from bear crawling up my driveway like a weirdo. My neighbors really get a good show sometimes. I’ve been known to low crawl through my front yard getting nice muddy knees in the process. I scared the crap out of a girl next door when I came sprinting up my driveway and up the road. I love it though! I crave it! I need more! It doesn’t matter what people think. Have fun with it and do your own thing!


It doesn’t matter what level you’re at. All the excuses you can muster up are just that…excuses! People have said them before. The difference is if you will let the excuses overcome you or are you going to overcome the excuses! Decide to do something different and commit to it!

You gotta start somewhere!


First Cleanse

I meant to post about this sooner, but between a full-time job, taking care of my fam, and my obsessive compulsive cleaning tendencies, sandwiched between spurts of pure laziness, I totally forgot to share my experience with my first cleanse. With the support of a great friend and a Facebook cleansing group I succeeded in my first 2 day cleanse Monday through Tuesday!

Day 1 was actually a little rough. My head felt a little in the clouds, I had a headache, and my energy wasn’t that great. I was also home all day which was a challenge for me because I always want to eat all the food in my house. I wanted ALL the snacks! It probably didn’t help that the day before I had totally gorged on all kinds of sweet treats so my body was literally going through sugar withdrawals. Let me just say that I LOVE food, particularly sweets, just ask my mom! I’ve been known to devour entire cookie sheets worth of cookies, or several brownies straight from the oven. So, with all that said, I went into the cleanse a little hesitant about only consuming liquid nutrients. I kept busy though and even completed my workout! I kept drinking plenty of water and drinking my delicious cellular cleansing drink….which actually tastes like some sort of cross between apple juice, acai, and maybe pomegranate or something. I began to look forward to it and just simply trust the process. Boy am I glad I did!

Day 2 was much easier than day 1. Who knew? I did have to work on Day 2, which helped keep me busy, my mind occupied, and my body moving. I had a ton of energy, no headache, no mental fog; it was great! I didn’t even think about food. I felt like I never needed solid food again. I had so much energy, felt happier, more clear-headed, and confident. It really is about trusting the process. Knowing that you are doing something great for your body. And keeping yourself surrounded by people that support you and lift you up to help you achieve your goals.


Yoga Fitness & Nutrition

So, it’s a random Thursday and I drove two hours to visit a friend and do a fitness class. I had a blast doing a new workout! The next thing I know I have a full belly of french toast and my own business website!

I literally just came here to workout and hang out, but I’ve been wanting to start my own blog for a while now. I recently just started an amazing nutritional system and wanted to have a place to share a little bit about my busy mom life and how I stay fit during the crazy times.

My goal is to keep up with blogging on this site weekly, but I really need your guys’ help in what to post about. I do a lot of workouts in my home garage gym, and make healthy snacks and meals for on the go.

Some of my other hobbies are crafting stuff out of old items, sewing, watching Netflix for hours, playing Nerf guns with my son Mark, taking care of the hubby and my two giant dogs — a German Shepard named Dutchess and an Afghan dog named Hooch.


He’s literally from Afghanistan — one of my husband’s buddies brought him home as a puppy because the conditions in Afghanistan were horrible. We then adopted Hooch when our friend realized he was away too much.

So, that in a nutshell is how this website started and you will get to see all my weird, fun, and basic adventures as mom, wife, and super awesome fitness superhero in my garage gym!