Spartan WOD

This workout almost didn’t happen. I hadn’t worked out or even thought about working out in about a week. My motivation just wasn’t there.  I had to kind of psych myself out. I do that sometimes; just go through the motions without letting myself think too much so I don’t talk myself out of it or make up excuses.

So, I took baby steps. I put on my shoes. Then my favorite pair of sweatpants and a comfy shirt. Still tried to muster up some motivation. Next I found my favorite sports bra; even though it meant pulling it out of my dirty clothes, gross I know, but I LOVE that particular one. I turned on my favorite tunes and there it was! I had mustered up enough motivation to get my butt in my cold garage and start my workout.

Did I mention I workout in my garage? Yeah, when it’s hot it’s HOT and when it’s cold it’s COLD. If any of you have ever grabbed a hold of a bar when it’s about 30 degrees you know that your hands turn to ice. Anyway, I digress…

After a short mobility style warm-up I was ready to face this workout and own it! It was brutal though! I scaled down a couple portions to suite my ability level and still owned it! You have to start somewhere!

I used to have an all or nothing kind of mindset, which can be very limiting. I wanted everything to be perfect. I thought I couldn’t commit to something unless I could do it perfectly, or at the perfect time, etc. I had so many excuses. I know it was just a fear of failure, but you need failure to grow and learn, but that’s a whole other rant. 😉 I still get that type of thought pattern sneaking in every now and then, but I know that will never lead to learning and growth. So, I scaled it so I could complete most of the workout instead of none.

I wanted to stop SO many times, especially when I almost scraped my shins on the box just after almost face planting into it a minute earlier. I could have stopped and said screw it, but I didn’t. Stopping wouldn’t move me closer to my goals. How would I have felt if I had stopped? Would I have beat myself up? Would I have been able to let it go? Probably the former of the two. Neither matters though because I didn’t stop. I kept pushing! I used positive self-talk. I told myself I could. I told myself just one more box jump; just three more rounds and so on. I told myself. I can do anything I set my mind to. Even though my mind and my legs were telling me to stop I kept going. You just have to keep focused on your WHY. Why are you working out, training, or lifting? Whatever it is that keeps you active, why do you do it? Maybe you’re training for something specific, maybe you want to change your physique, or my favorite –Life!

Whatever your reason is continue to visualize it. Say it aloud. Own it!

Here’s the workout I did which was pulled from the Spartan website:

Main set:

  • 1 round ladder pull-ups (descending): 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

Between set of pull ups:

Cool Down: Stretch

You can scale it to your own level of conditioning by starting pull-ups with 5 or 3 then going down from there, or 12 box jumps instead of 25. (25 was brutal). Use a resistance band or simple step-up onto a bench or other stable surface in place of box jumps. There are endless videos and tutorials online. I like and often seek YouTube for clarification or modifications for exercises.


I used a resistance band for assisted pull-ups and instead of running I walked on an incline for 2 miles. I was exhausted!

Happy workout everyone!