First Cleanse

I meant to post about this sooner, but between a full-time job, taking care of my fam, and my obsessive compulsive cleaning tendencies, sandwiched between spurts of pure laziness, I totally forgot to share my experience with my first cleanse. With the support of a great friend and a Facebook cleansing group I succeeded in my first 2 day cleanse Monday through Tuesday!

Day 1 was actually a little rough. My head felt a little in the clouds, I had a headache, and my energy wasn’t that great. I was also home all day which was a challenge for me because I always want to eat all the food in my house. I wanted ALL the snacks! It probably didn’t help that the day before I had totally gorged on all kinds of sweet treats so my body was literally going through sugar withdrawals. Let me just say that I LOVE food, particularly sweets, just ask my mom! I’ve been known to devour entire cookie sheets worth of cookies, or several brownies straight from the oven. So, with all that said, I went into the cleanse a little hesitant about only consuming liquid nutrients. I kept busy though and even completed my workout! I kept drinking plenty of water and drinking my delicious cellular cleansing drink….which actually tastes like some sort of cross between apple juice, acai, and maybe pomegranate or something. I began to look forward to it and just simply trust the process. Boy am I glad I did!

Day 2 was much easier than day 1. Who knew? I did have to work on Day 2, which helped keep me busy, my mind occupied, and my body moving. I had a ton of energy, no headache, no mental fog; it was great! I didn’t even think about food. I felt like I never needed solid food again. I had so much energy, felt happier, more clear-headed, and confident. It really is about trusting the process. Knowing that you are doing something great for your body. And keeping yourself surrounded by people that support you and lift you up to help you achieve your goals.


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