Spartan Training begins again

Back in October I was supposed to do a Spartan Super in Atlanta. (For those of you that don’t know what a Spartan Race is; it’s one of those extreme obstacle races. You know, one of those races you see pictures of people all muddy and jumping over fire and climbing walls and crawling under barbed wire and stuff.) Anyway, I didn’t end up doing it because of work and just generally being unmotivated and scared. I had done a Spartan Sprint (which is a shorter distance) with a team of great people who encouraged and pushed me to keep going. It was a great experience! Afterward I was super excited, determined, confident, and motivated. The energy before, during, and after the race was infectious! Needless to say I wanted to do another! Well, long story short, it didn’t happen.

Months passed and it lingered in the back of my mind. Money wasted. All the training and work I had put into preparing for the race was gone. I loved the feeling of being strong and committed to something. You kind of end up craving it.

Well, the other night I thought about it again and decided it was time to do something about it rather than it eating at the back of my mind. Ends up there is a race near me in September! (Luckily I could put the money from the previous race into a new one.) I decided to go for it!

Let the Spartan training begin! Who’s in?

I started my training yesterday and I already got blisters and a cut on my pinkie from bear crawling up my driveway like a weirdo. My neighbors really get a good show sometimes. I’ve been known to low crawl through my front yard getting nice muddy knees in the process. I scared the crap out of a girl next door when I came sprinting up my driveway and up the road. I love it though! I crave it! I need more! It doesn’t matter what people think. Have fun with it and do your own thing!


It doesn’t matter what level you’re at. All the excuses you can muster up are just that…excuses! People have said them before. The difference is if you will let the excuses overcome you or are you going to overcome the excuses! Decide to do something different and commit to it!

You gotta start somewhere!


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